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Thursday 28th April – 2011

3 Sets:
12 Unbroken hang squat cleans
Run 300m @ 90%
rest 1:1
3 Sets:
12 Unbroken push press
Run 300m @ 90%
Rest 1:1
3 Sets:
12 Unbroken kbs
30 Anchored sit ups
Rest 1:1

Post your set times and loads to comments

A view on how to run the Boston Marathon


Tuesday April 5th – 2011

CF Open crew

4 Sets with Intent:
Push press – 4 tough reps
8 C2B pull ups
12 KB swings, 2/1.5pd
Walk rest 5mins
3 Sets:
Row – 30sec @ 100%
15 Burpees, afap
Seated rest 5min


Everyone else

A1. Push press – 3-4reps; rest 2min x5
A2. KB swing – 12-15reps; rest 2min x5
B1. Hollow rock – 20reps; rest 60sec x3
B2. DB Split lunge- 8-10/leg; rest 60sec x3


Post to comments:
CF Open group – Loads, set times and meters
Everyone else – Loads, reps and training notes


Mobility basics workshop – Tonight 7pm


Saturday 26th March – 2011

CF Open crew:

AM Option 1.
Redo CF Open WOD #1
AM Option 2.
A. Split jerk -1rm
B. Row – 1km; for time


Run 35min – easy aerobic


Everyone else:

A1. Partner hand stand hold, 10sec x4
A2. Double unders – 1min; tech work x4
5 RFT:
15 Push press, 40/30kg
30 Walking lunges


Post your time, loads and last nights dinner to comments
Training for CF Open crew tomorrow @ 10am



Breakfast options

Friday 18th March – 2011

Today @ B32CF:

CF Open WOD #1
For those of you not doing it rxd on saturday..


AMRAP in 10min:
30 Double unders
15 Power snatch, 35/25kg


CF Open group:

A. Muscle snatch – heavy single, quickly
B. T&G power sn – 7 slight+fast; rest 70sec x3
@ 100% effort
Row – 15sec; rest 3min x2
Row 10sec; rest 3min x2


Post to comments:
CF open workout – rounds and reps
CF open Saturday crew – Loads and reps and meters


B32 is hosting the first WOD for the CF Open.

Start: Saturday @ 10am


Register here to compete
The next 6 weeks are going to be epic.. There are a solid handful of Canberra CrossFit gyms that are throwing their hat into the ring to host based on logistics and ‘what’s going to work. It’s as much of an unknown as what the WOD will be each week! Get amongst it folks.  This is a huge opportunity to meet some other rad, badass Crossfitters from around Canberra.

Thursday 3rd March – 2011

Box Squat – 60% 1rm, 2reps; rest 45sec x10
Run 200m
12 Push press, 40/30kg


Post loads, notes and time to comments


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