Our Team

The B32 team is a group of highly dedicated and qualified coaches who are committed to delivering you an integrated approach to health, fitness and performance.

Our whole team are well-rounded and effective professionals with a thorough working knowledge of physiology assessment and program design protocols to ensure you’re getting exactly the prescription you need.

Each of the B32 coaches brings a different enthusiasm and focus, with specialisations in functional nutrition, eating psychology, body care, personal development and life coaching, performance and program design, power sports and olympic lifting coaching.

IMG_9315Ross Blake

Ross is the Owner & Director of B32 Athletics and brings a uniquely integrated and intuitive approach to helping people reconnect with their bodies.

With over 15 years of experience and highly varied education in both health and fitness-related industries, Ross uses an intimate knowledge of classic disciplines such as strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, physiotherapy and chiropractic principles, while also tapping into other elements like his massage therapy experience, Chinese Medicine, life coaching, energy healing and Reiki.

This unique blend of modalities and perspectives on health, fitness and healing is what allows Ross exceptional depth of insight and sets he and B32 apart in both the health and fitness fields.

Contact us for an appointment with Ross.

AD1B4319Joelle Collard

Joelle is the lead Integrative Health Coach at B32 Athletics,  our resident Eating Psychology Coach and  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner.

She comes to B32 having re-found herself and discovering a passion for fitness in her early 20’s. This quickly escalated into delving into the nuances of nutrition and the underlying health status of the body and mind to discover the true importance of individualised prescriptions and coaching.

Joelle’s personal journey of self-expansion over the past ten years has lead to a great passion in guiding others along their own roads to self-empowerment and happiness.

Joelle works closely with you to implement targeted nutritional, supplement and lifestyle protocols to identify and rectify the root cause of health issues, restoring optimum wellness or performance. As part of her Integrative Health Coaching, Joelle also offers Eating Psychology, life and directional coaching, helping you to rebalance your perspective and discover and live your core values. Joelle guides you in discovering your true purpose and direction, helping you align your life toward true happiness and fulfilment.

Our Integrative Health Coaching is offered both in person and remotely, available all over the world.

Read more about IHC here.

Read more about FDN here.

Contact us for an appointment with Joelle.

IMG_9351Michal Dunski

Michal offers Intensive Personal Training and Individual Program Design, with a specialisation in strength & conditioning and in particular, olympic weightlifting.

Michal is B32’s resident technical advisor for all things weightlifting. He offers both online (video) and in person technical coaching for olympic lifting, incorporating video analysis of movement, program design and individualised prescriptions for lift advancement.

Contact us for an appointment with Michal.

Amber Nomchong

With a background in martial arts, general strength and conditioning and CrossFit, Amber has personally experienced the difference between performance and balanced-health modalities and came to B32 looking for something more, something individualised, integrated and balanced.

Amber has been working in and around the fitness industry for over ten years with experience coaching martial arts and delivering self-defence workshops designed specifically for women. She has a passion for integrated wellness and helping people achieve ease and grace in the body, working closely with clients towards their health and performance goals through individualised, holistic and balanced approaches.

Outside B32 you will find Amber nerding it up on all things health related, concocting crazy adventures for her young daughter, up to her armpits in compost and dirt in the garden or day dreaming about owning a menagerie of adopted animals.

Contact us for an appointment with Amber.

Cameron Turk

Cameron comes to B32 Athletics with a diverse background in sport & movement, including extensive experience in martial arts instruction, competitive basketball and yoga. He has touched on everything from CrossFit to posture and flexibility, and many things in between.

Cameron brings his eclectic experience with movement into his personal training sessions and program design, mixing many different modalities and tools with a sense of fun and play. His speciality at B32 is natural or primal movement patterns, using them to help clients integrate and upgrade their movement, athleticism and life quality.

Cameron has a penchant for old acoustic blues and getting outside with his family for hiking, riding, climbing and general outdoor frivolity.

Contact us for an appointment with Cameron.



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