Our goal at B32 Athletics is to help you discover a better life through health and fitness. Whether that be through athletic performance, balanced fitness, or simply better lifestyle practices. Wherever you are in the journey, our aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to successfully achieve your goals.

Ours is a holistic approach, taking into account all the pieces and how they fit together to form your bigger picture. This includes things like training, nutrition, sleep, energy, digestion, hormonal balance.

We’ll take you through thorough physiology and lifestyle assessments, then put all the bits together with your goals and aims to come up with the most effective prescription to help you get there.

We work together with a solid network of health professionals, including functional and chiropractic medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, other international strength & conditioning and specialist coaches to deliver you a well-rounded and thorough approach to performance, health and fitness.

At B32, all our coaches are on path to be OPT CCP certified, and each have a thorough knowledge of physiology assessment and program design protocols.  Our team is diverse, with specialist skills in performance and program design, functional nutrition, power sports and olympic lifting coaching.

Read more about the B32 Athletics team of coaches here.


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