Tuesday 7th August – 2012

After their performances at the B32 WTS this year, we quizzed the ‘balanced’ female, Steph Masterson, and ‘balanced’ male, Chip McIntosh to find out their perspectives on fitness, focus, food and favourite moments from the day. Here’s what they had to say…

B32 WTS Balanced Female: Steph Masterson

What’s your training background?

Ive been lucky to have tried heaps of different sports and have a pretty varied background of swimming and cross country running as a kid, to triathlon then road cycling. I was a group fitness instructor for 3 years before finding Crossfit. Competed at the 2011 Regionals and then made one of the best decisions in my life to move with Jamie Osbourne to Rogue Weightlifting Academy and have been focused on Olympic Weightlifting since then.

What’s your training focus now?
My main focus right now is to have fun with my training and Jamie and I are playing around with my technique and different ideas and training styles. I’m loving lifting more and more everyday with the highs and lows and the challenge of it. And my focus is on keeping that, getting stronger and seeing both small and huge changes & improvements.

How would you describe the way you eat?
If its in front of me, I’m probably going to eat it! But it’s mostly clean food with lots of veggies, fruit meat and fish. But I have a huge weakness for ice cream. I follow Kate Freeman Nutritions advice and her ‘nutrition in a plate’ guidance for me & my family and her advice has been amazing in supporting my training and in feeding my boys!

What is your definition of fitness?
Mine right now is focused on strength, speed and power as the fundamental building blocks for fitness. It doesn’t end there, but it should start from there. I think fitness should be looked at as a long term and sustainable process and to let it evolve over time.

What do you think would be the ultimate test of fitness?
That’s a great question and its an intensely personal one. I cannot make up my mind on this one – especially when thinking about it in the aftermath of the Crossfit Games & with the Olympics now on. I tend to agree with the Crossfit 10 domains & am amazed by the capacity of people to challenge the conventional wisdom. For me right now, I think the ultimate test is in front of us with each and every training session – to trust your coach, your training and to test yourself by giving it all you’ve got every time you’re fortunate enough to be able to.

Why did you decide to participate in the WTS this year?
I missed competing and was having heap of fun with the crossfit workouts Id started back into with Crossfit Technique so was super keen to have a hit out. Jamie and I were keen to see how the all the lifting training and strength gains would transfer so this came up at the right time for us. Plus, they were really good events for me and, bar the burpees and a 3km run, all things I really enjoy doing.

What was your favourite event and/or moment of the WTS and why?
Getting a 7kg PB for a power clean was pretty great personally but highlights include:
Emma smashing a 40kg jerk 3 days after learning the lift!
Nikki getting back up and smashing the sled sprint
Michaela is an amazing and strong athlete and can’t wait to see what she is going to achieve
Hand holding at the end of the run was so cool
The level of support and encouragement on the day was pretty amazing and nice to be part of
…And seeing Oscar getting amongst it all and taking over the stopwatches was pretty cute!

What was the biggest thing you learned at the WTS?
That weightlifting does not make running suck less, swings are more fun than you remember, push presses are the best and 40kg back squats do not make your quads feel good the next day!

B32 WTS Balanced Male: Chip McIntosh

What’s your training background?

Played a fair bit of sport in high school, then got very out of shape and put on about 25kgs in the first few years out of school. Started training CrossFit about 18 months ago.

What’s your training focus now?
Mostly training for health and enjoyment, I really enjoy my training but I’d also love to make it to the CrossFit regionals somewhere down the line.

How would you describe the way you eat?
I eat pretty good food, roughly following the zone diet proportions but don’t stress too much about it. I notice the difference in my recovery when I eat poorly so I try to stay pretty clean.

What is your definition of fitness?
I buy into the General Physical Preparedness mentality pretty strongly. I like to be a bit simplistic about it all and let it just be fun.

What do you think would be the ultimate test of fitness?
I think the CrossFit games do a pretty good job of it.

Why did you decide to participate in the WTS this year?
I enjoy meeting other people and seeing how they train and compete.

What was your favourite event of the WTS and why?
Favourite event was the 10 minute AMRAP. Pretty brutal test of work capacity as well as strength endurance. Forced you to limit your rest even when you weren’t sure you’d make the reps.

What was the biggest thing you learned at the WTS?
I’ve been focussing maybe a bit too much on weaknesses lately and didn’t realise I’ve been letting basics like my squat get a bit rusty. Gotta keep the staple movements incorporated more.

Today’s group training:
Clean grip DL @ 40X0, build to a heavy 3 in pairs. Wt cannot be changed down b/t sets. If/when someone taps out continue building without them.
15 Russian KBS every 90sec for 10min. Moderate loading that allows accurate use of glutes rather than mid/upper back
150 Lying leg raise in pairs as shared work.
– Hold onto your partners feet
– A rep is when your legs are raised up to touch your partners hands

Post your training notes to comments

About B32 Athletics

At B32, our mission is to: Empower others to take control of their journey & discover a more fulfilling life through health & fitness.

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  1. DL @ 72.5kg
    KBS @ 16kg
    Was starting to feel the crushed hand after the DL and KBS
    75 leg raises with Daz

  2. A: @160kg
    B: @32kg
    C: 90reps – On my own, Coach spotted.
    A: DL felt great, though thumbs cop a bashing with 40X0.. tuned out of that..
    B: Contemplated increasing load but 32kg was still moderate.
    C: Got 46 out u/b then down to 10-15’s.

  3. A: 75kg
    B: 20kg and 24kg
    C: done

  4. A: @100kg
    B: @20kg
    C: Done with DJ

    A: was good to progress to higher loads but I still need to work on technique
    B: all good 20kg moderate for where I am now
    C: Each did 2×20, then remainder in alternate sets of 10

  5. A. 60, 80, 100, 120, 130.
    B. 32 (increased to 40 for last 4 sets).
    C. 50, 25.

    B. 32, 40 felt under control for RKBS (full KBS would be another story). Glute activation appears to have improved.

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