Wednesday 25th July – 2012

B32 Winter Test Series results

A. Box jump, build to a high single
B. TNG DB power snatch, build to a heavy 5/arm; rest as needed
10 Sets with a partner
Run 150m @ easy -> moderate effort
Rest holding a weight plate OH

Post your training notes to comments


Henry Martinez is a B32 remote IPD client. He trains out of his home gym in Parramatta NSW and has been working with me for 4 months now. He’s been dabbling in CF style training for about a year – so it’s early days for this cheetah (fast but not overly powerful). His heart is in the right place and understands this is a journey so he’s a pleasure to work with. Inquisitive and committed to himself without attachment to outcomes he shows a powerful sense of humility. This is a huge asset in fitness.

How does Henry train?
He’s naturally fast, so we’re focusing on creating structural balance with linear based CP training, slow strength and a little o-lift tech to capatalise on his speed. We also use a mix of energy system training, CF style testers and discussion about how these felt to develop an understanding of the gears and engines needed to be a balanced fitness athlete.

How has this translated Into results over the last 4 months?
OHS increase by 20kg
DL increase by 12.5kg
CGBP increase by 10kg
& has done 5 single reps of his previous bsq RM

About B32 Athletics

At B32, our mission is to: Empower others to take control of their journey & discover a more fulfilling life through health & fitness.

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  1. A. 70cm
    B. Built to 25kg
    C. Done

    Will not go to point of failure & risk injury (again) – hence box jump max is probably conservative – I can live with that but glad I gave it a go…

  2. A: 86cm (prev best was in the 60cm-70cm bracket)
    B: warmed up with 3X10, then 5X15, then 5X20 (had slightly more in tank but not to progress to 25 – next time!)
    C: Done – run felt surprisingly good. Recovered quite quickly.

  3. kbelltraining

    A. 80cm
    B. Built to 15kg
    C. 10kg weight plate, run felt good. Warm up created awarness & helped technique.

  4. A: 108cm
    B: 15, 20, 25, 30kg
    C: Done @ 20kg
    B: Tried a 32kg Kettle bell but could not adapt to the different technique. I will need to practice at a lighter weight.

  5. A. 102 (PB)
    B. 10, 15, 20, 25, 27.5
    C. 15

  6. A. 106cm – PB
    B. 30kg DB, 32kg KB
    C. 15kg plate

    Felt a bit sluggish overall – hip flexors and calves.
    Weight hold in C was pretty tough!

  7. A – 80cm, couldn’t make 84
    B – built to 15kg
    C – 10kg plate, running all good (in my new shoes for the first time)

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