Thursday 28th June – 2012


Vic: Reviewing his performances with Ross every 4 weeks with an integrative health coaching check in. SSS skin folds, blood pressure, spirometer data and discussions on lifestyle, food, digestion, sex drive and training aims.

Strength & Conditioning sessions mostly utilise the creatine phosphate energy pathway (CP). This pathway is the jump, lift and throw battery of energy we have stored in our muscles to perform short burst movements – usually those requiring a high amount of effort. Think deadlift, bench press, vertical jump, overhead med ball toss and anything that requires a strength-type effort.

The CP system is amazing at generating a shift in human growth hormone and a re-balancing of sex hormones while creating a low stress training environment – great for fat loss. High stress training environments (like circuits for time or any type of training that someone doesn’t resonate with) used too often can actually slow down ones fat loss objectives. Why? When stressed, our bodies cling onto fuel substrates so we don’t die. Simple. But rather annoying for many folks who want fat loss… Unless you know how to train around this issue.

Take Vic (pictured above) for example. He has lost over 30kg of body fat over years but up until recently had a hard time reducing the last little remaining belly fat – you know, that stubborn ‘puppy’ fat that sits around your belly button?! Well his last 4 week training cycle saw him achieve a 76% drop in his umbilical (belly button) skin fold. Massive, I know! I’m still smiling about this! The interesting thing about this is that even with the uprise of more functional and primal-based training ideas, conventional wisdom is centered around creating a sweaty state to illicit fat loss. This may work for some, but for most it’s just not always the case.

How Vic’s 76% belly fat reduction was achieved / The Prescription:
1. Reduce metcon/circuit style training by 70%
2. Increase CP-based training by 20% – German body comp (GBC) Protocols
3. Increase low effort aerobic recovery (flow) style sessions by 10%
4. 5g BCCA’s b/t meals
5. Post workout re-fueling window brought fwd from 45min to 5-15min

It’s amazing how well just lifting weights, eating right and walking is if you want to look good naked.



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  1. kbelltraining

    Great work Vic 76% belly fat retuction, amazing results and congrats Rosco you must be stoked.

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