Tuesday 26th June – 2012

A. Seated box jump, sit on small box then jump onto higher box, 1rep every 30sec for 5min
B. Clean grip DL @ 21X0, 3reps @ 50% RM; rest 50sec x8
C1. Hang power clean, 3,3,3; rest 2:30 – each set tough
C2. AMRAP strict ring dips; rest 2:30 x3
D. 20 Heavy Russian KBS; rest 2min x3


A. Eccentric rack dips @ 30A0, 1.1.1; rest 90sec x5
B. 3 Hang power cleans, start @ 70% effort, every min for 10min – increase load @ min 3&7
C1. Clean grip DL @ 30X0, 8,6,4 rest 10sec x4 – each set tough
C2. AMRAP push ups + 30m bear crawl; rest 2min x4
D. 35 Russian KBS @ 20-24kg x 1-2 sets

Post your training notes to comments


Pete: FS 1rm

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  1. A. 600 -> 600 + 4 x 15 plates
    B. 80
    C. 55, 57.5, 60 (PB?)
    D. 16, 12, 13
    E. @ 40

    A. Fun – executed like a limbo competition with Pete/Mark.
    C. Technique still not good but able to sneak up the load a little.

  2. kbelltraining

    Training like a lady lifting like a beast. Yes I think so.(:

    A. Eccenteic rack dips- box ticked
    B. 25reps @30kg 25reps @32.5kg 12 reps@35kg total reps= 62
    C1. 50kgx10 55kgx8 57.5kgx6 60kgx4
    For set 3 the last couple of reps were not TNG, focused on proper form/explosive speed
    C2. 16,13,9,10 + 30m bear crawl(3 laps of wooden runner)
    D. 35 Russian KB swings @20kg

    • kbelltraining

      Did we do part B correctly? Reading the prescription as written I would interpret it to be 3 hang pwr ever minute on the min rather than consistenly amap. Therefore if that is correct we should have totaled 24 reps with the increased load on minute 3 & 7. Curious.

    • kbelltraining

      P.s this session kicked my ass! Hard work especially those bear crawls! My hamstrings were screaming and my arms where doing well to hold on. Really enjoyed it. (:

      thanks team for putting my weights away.

  3. A. done
    B. 33 reps @ 30kg, 32 @ 32.5, 21 @ 35kg = 86
    C1. 50kg/10, 55/8, 60/7 oops, 65/4
    C2. 17, 17, 14 – arms started to get nervy, 12 – slow lowering and wormy going up before nerves started sparking again, all on knees
    D. @ 24kg, forearms and general overall body area was fried
    dude…. ouch

  4. A. 60cm +
    B. 82.5
    C1 60, 65, 70
    C2 8, 9, 7
    D. 40

  5. A. Eccenteic rack dips- box ticked
    B. 15kg, 17.5kg, 25kg
    C1. 35kg x10 37.5kg x8 45kg x6 50kg x4
    C2. 15,11,11,8 + 30m bear crawl
    D. 35 Russian KB swings @16kg x 2

  6. A: 83.5cm
    B: 100kg
    C1: 60, 65, 70kg
    C2: 10, 10, 9
    D: 40kg
    C1: Should have gone heavier. Not tough.. These were tough #’s back in the last PC cycle (feels like a while) must have improved with out even training them!
    C2: Rings started swinging around but movement kept strict. Braced my core more in last set and saw an instant improvement.
    Some variety tonight, enjoyed it!

  7. A: box + 4 plates
    B: 70kg
    C1: 50kg, 50kg, 50kg
    C2: 13, 11, 8
    D: 32kg – these got tough in the end

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