Saturday 23rd June – 2012

3 Sets @ moderate – hard effort:
5 Tough power clean + push press
Row 2min @ 85%
Rest 3min
Rest 5min
3 Sets @ moderate – hard effort:
25 KBS @ 20-24/12-16kg
25 Step down box jumps, 60/50cm
Rest 3min
Single arm KB bent over row @ 20X0, 8reps, same load per set; rest 15sec b/t arms x 3

Post your training notes to comments


Anaerobic Alactic (AAL) >> anaerobic lactate power (ALP) prowler efforts have made Fridays group training a little more juicy!

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  1. A. 30kg, 2:03.2 av split
    32.5kg, 2:03.5 av split
    35kg, 2:03.7 av split

    B. done with 16kg KB, 32cm plates 
    2:45, 2:46, 2:47

    C. done – 20kg KB

    Feeling very tight and tired today after yesterday’s back squats – quads, lower back and some glutes. Built the PCl PP over sets, and felt better by each fifth rep – getting & keeping moving is the problem today.
    Felt like the hip mobility-fest this morning was designed with me in mind. Thanks (and ouch!)

  2. A. @ 50kg. 500m Row pace 1:53, 1:52, 1.51
    B. @ 24kg & 53cm 3:09, 3:03, 3:07 all unbroken
    C. @24kg

  3. A. @25kg Row av split 2.07, 2.16, 2.16
    B. Done with 12kg KB and 29cm box jumps 2.51, 2.48, 2.46 all unbroken
    C. Done 12kg KB

    That was tough. Gave all the pipes a good clean out after my recent cold.

  4. A. @ 25kg Row av split 2:05/ 484m; 2:04/ 492m; 2:10/ 470m
    B. 12kg KB, 42cm box jump – 2:02, 1:55, 1:52
    C. Done with 12kg KB


    A. Legs feeling a bit trashed. Last set struggled with row, legs heavy and burning. Recovery on airdyne.
    B. Have a twinge, pec minor on LHS limiting my range on the KB swings, last set of KB swings not fully extended to just above forehead.

    Mobility was a bit tough in spots, hips feeling good. Work on the adductors was helpful for box jumps, usually feel that this area gets affected from the box jumps, feeling pretty good.

  5. A. PC @ 55. Total Time, /500m av split
    1. 2:31, 1:41.9
    2. 2:33, 1:42.6
    3. 2:33, 1:45
    B. 2:04.1, 2:03.5, 2:01.5
    C. 24 KB

    A. Tough. Stuffed by the end of set 3. For some reason my PP became a strict press in sets 2/3. Coaching notes: get up tall, use the shrug, head through (the usual faults I am working on).
    B. Started with the premise that I wanted to complete the sets unbroken (achieved). Difficultly accentuated by following A.

    Mobility really good today, frog thingy, progressive couch, band distracted hip flexor stretches all had positive effects. Thanks Surls!

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