Wednesday 20th June – 2012

In pairs complete the following 3 times:
One person rows 250m @ 90% while the other does a dual KB rack hold @ 1.5/1pd
Rest as needed
750 single skips
>> 10 sit ups each time you break

TAIL PIPE: Post your row set times + load used
SKAB: Post your time and total broken sets


Accommodating resistance: for when you’re in need of speed development to over come heavy loads..

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    250m row: 59secs each set
    Rack hold KB @ 12kgx2
    Time: 10:24
    Broken sets-6

  2. Tail Pipe
    * Team Colombian Supremo – row 0:55 -1:05, 12kg KB
    * Time 7:15, 1 broken @ 356 skips

    K Bell forgot to discuss a team name, so using the LSR coffee blend I currently have. Sorry for the lack of consultation. Great team work, you rocked chica, the workout did not. Legs felt horrible…..airdyned afterwards for recovery.

    Enjoyed SKAB, thumbs up.

  3. Tail pipe
    1:00 – 1:03 time range per row set, KB rack hold – 2 x 12kg
    Lou we don’t have a name!
    Time: 7:15
    That sucked, standing there was torture

    200 skips, 10 situps, 200 skips, 10 situps, 200 skips, 10 situps, 150 skips
    That adds up right? Hazarr for memory!
    Time: 7:37
    That was good!

  4. Grrr work, will see if I can make it tonight :)

    • Tail Pipe: 0.55 (260 avg/w); 1.00 (216 avg/w); 1.01 (202 avg/w); 12kg KBs

      Skab: 8.00, 6 breaks (3 breaks in pairs – each time I restarted I stuffed it after two skips)

      Got to somewhere in the 400s before the first break…breaks 100% related to concentration and ability to keep count! Was fun challenge :)

      Thanks to the guys for letting me hijak their session – really needed that hit-out!

  5. Tail pipe: 0:57, 0:57, 0:58 @16kg
    Skab: 8:08, 3 breaks

    Got to 120 skips and my legs seized up – what the heck??? Was fine after the sit ups…

    No team name… just me :-(

  6. Tail Pipe: 250m row: 0:45s – 0:47s, 500m\avg: 1:30-1:35. KB @ 24kg x 2.
    Skab: 5:30 – Unbroken
    Tail Pipe: Felt good, glad the row was only 250m.
    Skab: Set a nice cruisy pace, calves got pretty fired up towards the end but settled down around 5mins latter.
    Looking forward to rest day tomorrow :)

  7. A. Tail Pipe: Row – 0:47-0:50s (/500m averaging 1:33-37), KB 24×2
    B. Skab: 6:37 (broken @ 450, 530, 590, 650)

    A. Nasty having the KBs on the chest constricting breathing following the row sprints.
    B. Felt primarily it in the shoulders, first breaks accidental last two breaks to allow a shake of the arms).

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