Saturday 16th June – 2012


50 Push ups
25 Hang power snatch, 30-42.5/20-30
Run 600m
25 Hang power snatch
50 Push ups

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Gail: Attacking some Anaerobic Alactic energy system work (EST) on the prowler.

This type of training formed part of her prep for the Australian Oceania Masters Weightlifting Championships today.

Full dose response of the system aside. Attempting to ‘go there’ trains the mind to use the body in other energy system dependent settings that one may not have developed in the past.

Gail is ready. Good luck Gail.

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  1. 12:58
    Push ups on knee
    22.5kg snatch

    Concentrated on shrugging during the second set of snatches – this helped.

  2. 13:27
    Push ups on knees
    Snatch at 20kg – went for bottom of range as haven’t had a lot of snatch practice – did them unbroken and focused on keeping bar path close to the body
    Run slow and steady

    Surl’s festival of the hamstring was great – especially the band distraction

  3. 11:58 @ 30 HPS

    HPS scaled to 30 to avoid aggravating SIJs. Felt light. Breakdown:

    PU: 20, 10 (x 3); HPS: 15, 10; Run; HPS: 5 (x 5); PU: 10, 5 (x 6), 3, 3, 2 1

    Was able to take a couple of breaths and continue each stop, 2nd HPS set probably should have pushed longer sets. Run also too slow (Pete flew past me). I also heard Michal shouting “use your legs” a lot in the HPS :)

    Focus on hamstrings during mobility was great. Not sure I felt the latter portion (probably doing it wrong). Thanks Michal and Surls for today.

  4. 11:50 @ 35kg HPS

    Pushups 15, 10, 10, 10, 5. HPS 15, 10. Run. HPS 10, 5, 5, 5. Pushups – UGLY! 2s then 1s from about 35 – Told I’m contacting ground with stomach not chest.
    Also need to get a smoother transition between reps of the HPS.

  5. 17.37
    Push ups on knees
    15kg bar

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