Friday 25th May – 2012

The Female Fitness Framework 2.0
Why some elements of training for females SHOULD be different.
The menstrual cycle and other hormonal issues, structural considerations – strength, stability, mobility, nutrition.
Sat 2 June, 10-11:30am
$25 for B32 members, $35 for non-members
Email to book your spot.

‘Understanding the nuances of female prescriptions in fitness and in health is VITAL for any client or coach – female & male.

If you’re female and have ever injured your shoulder, had an irregular menses cycle, want a pull up or are currently low on energy to cope. THIS IS FOR YOU

If your a male coach and have never considered how your female prescription should vary, have never delved into the endocrinology of female hormonal profiles and how that affects fat loss and adaptation. THIS IS FOR YOU.


A. Bsq @ 30X1, 80% effort x3x3 rest 3min
B. AMRAP in 10min:
5 Tough front squats from rack stand
7 Unbroken pull ups
B. AMRAP in 15min as a team*:
7 Tough front squats
10 Unbroken ring rows
*Help each other change loads, human rack barbells (no rack stands) and take turns.

Post your notes to comments


EGT ‘Squat Day’

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  1. A. 40kg – First set was tough, but felt good by last set.

    B. FS @ 25kg – 4 sets + 1 set of FS – tough but fun. Thanks ladies.

  2. A. 45kg – first set felt ok (in a tough kinda way), the last one was very tough
    B. 30kg – 4 sets, ring rows felt pretty good, FS feeling heavy but very manageable
    Yay for team work!

  3. A. 70kg
    B, 6.2 rounds @ 50kg for the front squat.

    Enjoyed it – took it out of me. Probably still favoring the right leg once fatigue sets in.

  4. A. 47.5kg
    B. @35kg, 4 full rounds + extra ring row set in last 10sec

    Rad. That worked a treat!


  5. A. 85
    B. 8 rounds + 2 FS @ 60

    A. CNS started to accept the weight and felt better as I went through the sets. Need to increase intent/attitude/speed out of the bottom position.
    B. PUs: Tried to avoid pauses which greatly reduced required effort. FS: Weight felt challenging but doable throughout (difficulty remained consistent or perhaps slightly eased over rounds).

  6. A. 55kg
    B. 35kg, 4 rows

    Good work ladies!!!

    notes – wrist jamming with front squats, will work on finger positions.
    Energy great, buzzing.
    Rehab yesterday has helped heaps with squatting, ankles not jamming up. Thanks Ross

  7. oops
    B. 4 rounds not rows :)

  8. A.80 kg
    B.10 rounds 5 front squats 4 chin ups

    Did’nt feel to bad in workout but 10 to 15min later started to feel fatigued in the legs .Had a shower and feel quite wasted .

  9. A: 55kgx3; 55×3; 59.5×3
    B: (FS@37kg) 6 rounds + 3 squats in 10 minutes

  10. A 77.5, 77.5, 80
    B. FS@50kg 6 rounds + 5 FS

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