Wednesday 16th May – 2012

8min Dynamic mobility, end range touches
10 Sets @ easy pace and as a group:
Row 10 perfect strokes
Walk 100m
5 Sets @ easy-moderate effort:
1min skipping, mix it up
1min hand stand practice
5 Sets @ easy-moderate effort:
1min light Russian KBS
1min fwd lunges
8min PNF mobility, 5sec contract + relax 10sec relax + 10sec new range x3-5
8min Static mobility, 40-120sec holds

Post your flow work notes to comments



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  1. Name is spelt correctly today, excellent…

    Good flow session! Felt good after the lactate work yesterday that destroyed me
    KBS @ 12kg

  2. Nice. Enjoying the handstand / wall walk practice the last couple of days…

  3. These are great sessions, really get things moving and recovering after tough Tues sessions.
    Fun practicing freestanding HS’s today too.
    KBS @ 12kg


  4. Felt really good, been a wekk since I was in. Good flow, and managed my first free-standing head stand. KBS at 16kg, started to loose some grip towards the end of round 4 and 5. Good to stretch first and get moving.

  5. Really enjoy streching and mobility in these sessions.
    Handstands= fun!
    KB @ 12kg

  6. Done, got a few handstands off the wall.. Noticed pointing my toes really helped with this.
    R-KBS @20kg, got through the minutes unbroken but grip strength did build to be uncomfortable.

    Good sesh.

  7. enjoy the handstands.
    was challenged with the R-KBS and Lunges at the end

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