Wednesday 18th April – 2012

10-15min Run @ EZ pace
10-15min @ EZ – Mod pace:
3 Light TGU/arm
3-5 Sets @ Moderate pace:
1min Single skips
1min Russian step ups
1min Anchored sit ups

Coaching notes:
Why 10-15min? If you didn’t do this last week, be smart about the volume you select. Perhaps more is not more.

Post your training notes to comments


Even the Fit can be Fitter.
Darren Shaw, CrossFit Ignite Sydney

The test:
FT: Row 500m
-Rest 90sec-
FT: Row 500m

The result:
Quick times but with a differential that can be trained to improve.

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  1. Run – 13mins
    cut it short to ease up on the calves, they felt fine and I want to keep it that way!

    TGU – 15mins @ 5kg DB
    flowed, felt slightly less stable with right arm up

    5 sets
    got my sweat on!

  2. A. 17 minutes (circuit a little large),
    B. 12KB
    C. Done


    Enjoyed the run. Felt like I had breathing/heart rate under control throughout.

  3. Airdyne 15 mins

    TGU 4kg DB 10 mins

    5 sets – subbed 10 calf raises for skipping

  4. 10 minute run
    5kg TGUs x 12 minutes
    5 sets

  5. A: 16min run
    B: 12ish min tgu @ 12kg
    C: 5 rounds
    Felt good, got a little sweaty but breathing under control through out the sesh.

  6. A. 10 min run 5 min Airdyne
    B. 15 min TGU @ 12kg
    C. Done

    Enjoyed the workout – Ankle OK

  7. 10 mins for each section.

  8. A 15mins Row
    B 12mins 12ktb
    C 15mins done

  9. A. run 10mins
    b. TGU 3kg
    C. skips, Russian step ups, anchored sit ups done

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