Wednesday 14th March – 2012

A. 5min Kip Pull up practice, drills only
B. Ladies. Pronated pull up @ 50A0, x2-3; rest 90sec x5
B. Gents. Chin up, heavy 2 in 5 sets; rest as needed
2 Sets @ 85% aerobic effort:
20 wall balls
30 Anchored Sit ups
50 Double unders
30 Anchored Sit ups
20 wall balls
Rest 5min

Post your training notes to comments


This riddle turned up on the board on Sunday? What is the answer and who riddled the riddle?

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  1. It was me!!!! Wrote that up Monday morning after my session…

    guess, the answer will be posted tomorrow ;-)

  2. A. done
    B. 3 x 5 sets – tricky

    aerobic sets:
    didn’t time first set – 11 DUs then subbed to singles
    5:43 – 21 DUs then subbed to singles

    legs feel pretty good atm but DUs have gone poopoo, been a while since I’ve tried them!

  3. A. Done
    B. Ring rows 5 sets 10-12 – 11, 11, 11, 10, 10

    C. Done with 4kg ball and single skips
    5.09m, 5.10m

  4. A. Done
    B: 5 sets of 3, with assistance.
    C: Done with green ball squatting onto blue ball and single skips (4.17, 4.21)

    Notes: wasn’t able to work quite as hard in C as I would have liked, but still got HR higher than it has been for a while! (5 days sick last week). B, I have no muscles that can do anything there…these will be good for development!

    Riddle: a stray dog :)

  5. A. Complete
    B. Done- lat recruitment definitely awesome to get exposure. the final pull I find is where i need to work.
    Aerobic map:
    wall balls feeling good.. as in hip flexors. Yay netball helps we with throwing a chest pass
    normal skipping 1st set
    Du’s 2nd set

    after- feeling better

    • Notes: tracking energy levels before- low energy, slight headache..
      During –love moving and exercising.. intensity 50% moved through it.
      After- feel better.. Slight rise in energy + mood has lifted.

  6. A. Done (hollow-rocks, fish-tails, push-away into fish-tails).
    B. 10×2, 15×2, 25×2, 30×1.25 (second rep failed, told to pull the pin)
    C. WBS: 9kg small ball to red line; DU: 10-15 per set
    1. ~4:30
    2. ~4:07


    C. DUs frustrating, but as instructed only had 4 attempts prior to switching to SUs. Otherwise unbroken. Need to stand closer to wall for WBSs.

  7. The answer to the riddle above is

    :-) will find another one for you all to rack your brain over!!

  8. A. Done
    B. 3 x body weight, then 5kg and 1 rep at 5kg to fail.
    C. Done with 6kg ball, mainly 2 x single skips, some DUs (about 6 or 7). 4:20, 4:44

    Chin-ups felt good, the rest was ok, sit-ups went a little slower second time around.

  9. A: Done
    B: 10×2, 15×2, 20×2, 22.5×2, 25×1
    Wall balls @10kg
    C #1: 4:12
    C #2: 4:34
    #1 All movements unbroken, du’s were on fire!
    #2 Broke du’s @ 17 & 43. Broke last set of wall balls @ 5 reps to go which pushed the time out a little but same intensity both sets. 80 wall balls is probably the most I have managed to get out in one session and no lower back issues tonight :)

  10. 4:15, 3:50 single skips, bit quicker second round as I sorted my wall ball technique (that is, did not drop it on my face). Last set of sit-ups we’re challenging at the end.

  11. A. 5 sets of 3 hard push ups on knees
    B.pronated pull up 3 sets with Nick assisting with slow down count of 5
    C. wall balls with 4 kg
    C#1 4.31
    C#2 4.00

  12. A and B done

    C – Wall balls with 6kg
    1- 4.39
    2- 4.42

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