Tuesday 31st January – 2012

A. Tall Sq Cln @ 60% effort, 5reps; rest 90sec x5
B. Front Squat @ 30X1, 6-8 rest 3min x3
C. Kipping pull up practice – 7min
5 L-pull ups or high knee pull ups
Handstand hold accumulate 30sec

Post your loads, notes and time to comments


Scotty v Monz

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  1. A. 40
    B. 60×8, 65×8, 70×6
    C. Done
    D. 8 minutes?

    A. Feeling more comfortable with getting under the bar, could potentially have pushed weight a little but wanted to concentrate on technique given there were 25 total reps to do.
    B. Nick suggested moving to middle fingers in rack position to reduce strain on wrists.
    C. Still feel a long way from being able to string together reps in an efficient manner.
    D. Handstand against wall ok but need to lock out elbows to reduce load on shoulders. L-sit needs much more practice, angle wrong, didn’t maintain between reps and dropped to high knees for last set.

  2. A. 45kg
    B. 60kgx8, 80kgx6, 90kgx6
    C. Done
    D. Didn’t time – felt good on the L-pull up, handstands need a lot of work

  3. A: @50Kg
    B: 60 x 8, 65 x 7, 70 x 7
    D: Done, L-pull up / Handstands unbroken.

  4. A: @30kg
    B: 6 x 50kg all sets
    C: done
    D: hilarious! Pull ups with blue band & Bobbi pushing my butt. Handstands unbroken. Only did 3 sets had to leave on time.

  5. A: @20kg
    B: 8x30kg
    C: Done
    D: Pull ups with blue band and Alicia assisting. Handstands – 2 out of 3 unbroken. (3 sets in total, had to leave)

    B: wrist soreness with rack position, will play around with fingers
    D: handstands against the wall

  6. A: 35, 35, 35, 45, 45
    B: 45kg x 6
    C: Done
    D: Pull ups broken 3 + 2. Handstands unbroken

    B: learnt to get the elbows high. This put the bar in the right position and takes the load off the wrists.
    C: will take lots of practice.

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