Monday 9th January – 2012

CP endurance:
80 Push ups – not for time
40 Chin ups – not for time
Rhythm squats:
Bsq @ 1010, 20/15kg x 50 reps
–Rest 2min x 2 sets–
5 Sets:
Run 300m @ EZ pace
15m bear crawl

Post your training notes to comments


Summer breakfast:
Berries + chia + lucuma + nut butter

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  1. Back at it. happy days :)

  2. Push ups – knees
    Subbed ring rows for chin ups. Attempted ring rows with feet on a stool, managed 5 poor reps, it was all wrong and it blew up.

    Second set of back squats tried going up onto toes for 20 reps in lots of 10, felt different but not terrible

  3. Push ups, knees – sets of 8
    Ring Rows – sets of 5
    Squats – done, but broken halfway 1st set, and lots in the second (struggle town)
    Runs all good, bear crawl – 1 lap of mats each time

  4. A: Push ups, Sets of 10’s then 5’s
    B: Chin ups, Sets of 5 last few 4’s/3’s
    C: Rhythm Back Squats, Done
    D: Run / Bear crawl, Done

    A/B: Held higher rep range than last week for longer and pretty sure less rest.
    C: 2nd set had 2.5kg weight plates under heels, felt 100% better sitting down in the squat!

  5. A. Push ups – 20 then set of 10, and then 5s
    B. Kettle Bell – Russian 20kg x 2 sets of 50
    C. Air-dyne – 10 mins – 10sec moderate then 10sec sprint each min

  6. A: Push ups – toes x 50, knees x 30, sets of 10
    B: Ring rows – 2 sets of 10, then 5-8
    C: Squats – unbroken
    D: Run/bear crawl – last three sets were much better than the first two, bear crawls didn’t do much for my wrists.

  7. Back into it.

    Arms wrecked from pushups, but done.
    Ring Rows were good.
    Squats good, but broken in second set.
    Managed 1 lap of run and then when I attempted bear crawl, my legs buckled.
    EZ Airdyne until others finished run/bear crawl combo.

  8. A. 20, 10 (x 6)
    B. 10 sup, 5 pro, 4 x 4 mixed, 5 sup, 3 pro, 1 pro
    C. Done
    D. Done

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