Saturday 3rd December – 2011

Strict press @ 21X1:
Build quickly to a heavy 3reps
Strict press @ 21X1:
2 tough reps; rest 3min x3
DB Chinese row @ 10X0:
8-10/arm rest 30sec b/t arms x3
3 Set core circuit:
12-15 Close stance push ups
8-10 WTD Unanchored sit ups
Side bridge – 45sec/side

Post your training notes to comments


Yes that just happened!

Training today (Saturday):
7am Training ONLY – No mobility

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At B32, our mission is to: Empower others to take control of their journey & discover a more fulfilling life through health & fitness.

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  1. A. 57.5, 57.5, 57.5 omly managed 1 rep in last set
    B. 32kg, 40, 40
    C. Done with 15kg sit ups

  2. A. 55×2, 55×2, 57.5×0 (fail), 55×1, 55×0 (fail)
    B. 32×10, 32×10, 32×10
    C1. 15, 15, 12+3
    C2. +15×10, +15×10, +15×4+6
    C3. Done

    A. Warmed up to 50×3. For working load 55×2 ok for first two sets. Failures occurred at high sticking point. Nick recommended stepping back to 55.
    C. First sets straight through. Quick one breath break during third set of pushups and sit ups.

  3. Rosko are those barbell overhead squats?  where on earth did that exercise come from? Haha Awesome!!! 
    Hope everyone is doing well at B32!
    Miss you guys!!

  4. A:50,55,55
    B:55,55,55 clustered reps
    C:Chinese row @ 32kg
    D: Done, 15kg plate

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