Monday 10th October – 2011

B32 is closed today

Walk 45-60min – Fasted

Include 3 Sets of the following:
12 Inchworms
30 Walking lunges
Side bridge – 40sec/side
100 Arm swings; multiple directions

Post your training notes to comments


Nicko is back!

Fasted recovery sessions (FRS):

Seriously.. These are important.
All too often folks skimp on this sort of thing. I know it’s not really a brag worthy workout but these sessions hold a special place in fitness and in health.

During harder training sessions your body cops a beating; cortisol, lactic acid, CNS over stimulus, broken down tissue etc. In most cases the sloth method on the couch just doesn’t cut it.

Removal of toxins, CNS rejuvenation, tissue repair and emotional recovery states happen best in fasted movement.

FRS work via utilizing all available blood flow to deliver nutrients and oxygenate body systems. The body can almost double the usual blood flow to the stomach for digestion. This process is known as active hyperemia. Having this happen during any form of physical activity is stress for what is an already stressed system and can result sub optimal nutrient delivery to tissue and malabsorbtion of key nutrients in the GI tract.

Other benefits from (FRS):
– Outline digestion and movement times
(both don’t go hand in hand)
– Greater mental alertness
– Cellular detoxification/ use of excess energy substrates or toxin removal
– Lifestyle based training possibilities outside of dogmatic fatigued based training models

About B32 Athletics

At B32, our mission is to: Empower others to take control of their journey & discover a more fulfilling life through health & fitness.

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  1. Airdyne 30min @ Z1

    Shoulder mobility

  2. Done
    Right shoulder didnt hurt during ride side bridge this time

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