Wednesday 17th August – 2011

3 Sets:
10 TNG Push press, challenging
amrap step down box jumps, 90sec
Rest 2min
3 Sets:
12 Kb swing, 1.5/1pd
Run 400m @ 90%
3 Sets:
1min Anchored sit ups
1min Single skips
Rest 1min

Post your loads, set times and reps to comments


The aftermath: 3000m row TT

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  1. Catch up from yesterday:

    A. ClnGrDL @ 65%, 2reps @ 21X1; rest 60sec x8 — @65kg
    B. PCln @ 80%1RM, 3 reps; rest 2 min x 3 sets — @ 50kg
    C. Walk/run 10 mins

    A. Definitely took at least 3 sets for CNS to warm up in DLs
    B. Woah- weird experience going from the heavy tempo DLs to then trying to move a lighter load explosively in the PCln.. mind bend. Felt clumsy in my PClns today.
    C. So nice to go for a little trot in the fresh air with some chillaxed tunes…

  2. 3 Sets:
    10 TNG Push press @ 60kg & amrap step down box jumps for 90sec
    (Push press moved quickly and box jumps were accurate)

    3 Sets:
    12 Kb swing @ 24kgs & Run 400m @ 90%
    (Times: 1:50 – 1:55 – 1:52)

    3 Sets:
    1min Anchored sit ups & 1min Single skips
    (Moved at a consent pace through out these sets)

  3. 1. 3 sets – 10 Push Press @ 35kg & 90sec – Box jumps
    2. 3 sets – 12KB swings @ 16kg & 400m run (2:09 – 2:01 – 2:03)
    3. 3 sets – 1min Sit ups & 1min skiping

    great chalenging training session

  4. A. 35/25,35/25,35/25. Could have gone with a bit more weight on the push press.
    B. 2.05, 2.15, 2.28.
    C. Done. Butterfly sit ups as left hip flexor was cramping up.

    • Should say:

      A. Box Jumps were done on two tyres or tall plyo box (depending on availability)
      B. KBS @ 24kg
      C. Skipping felt really good – maybe a mental thing given I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. A. 55/34
    on big plyobox

    B. 24kg kbell
    kept to a 1:55 pace for all three sets

    C. Done

    Hip felt ok today, fired up on the last few reps of box jumps and on the “up hill” part of the 400m runs.
    Tried to keep a good pace through the 400m runs and focused on breathing and moving at a consistant pace.

  6. A. done @ 45kg
    B. 24kg KB and each set was faster than the previous
    C. Done – damn foot keep playing up – considering amputation….

  7. A. done @ 20kg
    B. 16kg, subbed row for run
    C. Done

  8. Strict press 5 x 5 – 15, 20, 20, 22.5, 25
    Russian KB swings 20 x 5 @ 12kg

    Hip felt good, thank you for the extra programming Rosko

  9. A: @ 40Kg box jump 28, 29, 30
    B: 24 Kg KB 2:06, 2:05, 1:59
    C: Done

    A: Annoyed with myself, (A) should have been heavier, I know my #’s!
    B: Kb felt great, first run felt really tight but by the third round was starting to feel fluid.

  10. Push press 60 kg 60 kg 70 kg
    Box jumps 28 30 29
    Kb 24 +run 204 157 158

  11. A: push press @ 25kg; box jumps, 32,38,36
    B: kb 16 1 row (1:42) 2 run (2:14, 2:07)
    C: Done

  12. A: Push press done @ 25kg
    Box jumps 42, 40, 42

    B: KB swings done @ 16k
    Row 400m – 1:33, 1:40
    Run 400m – 2:10

    C: Done

  13. A. 45kg/34jumps, 50kg/37, 50kg/ no box jumps.
    Got a pounding headache during 2nd set of boxjumps. Rested for a bit till it died down and did a 3rd set of PPs’ @50kg but no more jumps. Also took things easier for rest of workout and skipped the run element)
    B. 3 x 15 @ 24kg
    C. Done

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