Saturday 11th June – 2011

Part 1.

3 Sets:
8 Deadliftts, 65% 1rm @ 1010
Row 400m @ 90%
Rest 2min
Rest active 5min
3 Sets:
10 Push press, 55-60% 1rm
125 Double unders
Rest 2min
3min toes to bar practice

Rest 6+hrs

Part 2.

Walk/hike – 90mins (hilly)

Post your loads and set times for part 1. Post where you went and notes for part 2. to comments.


Long wkd info:
Sunday – closed
Monday – closed
Tuesday – back to normal

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  1. Part 1.

    Deadlifts Done at 85kgs
    times: 2:01, 1:55, 2:01

    Push Press Done at 45kg
    times: DNF, managed to get a cramp in the top part of my gastroc. Hurt like hell. Subbed to 400m row @ 90% for remaining sets. 2:01, 2:01

    notes: the cramp hurt like hell and i was quite disappointed that i could not continue with double unders but like Rosco says ‘train today so you can train tomorrow’

    Ross, was i keeping form in my deadlifts? I have this concerning feeling because i cant feel that lumbar position anymore……it just feels natural….

    Scaled back push press a little as i wanted to keep a nice flowing movement happening with the dip/drive/press. Worked well.

    Thanks to all of you coaches (Joelle, Ross and ofcourse Surls) for this mornings training and workshop, was a nice refreshing way to end the week…..except for the rowing…..that burned….

    • @ michal
      Looked solid to me mate. Remember your spine already sits in extension due to your anterior pelvic tilt. So when you deadlift you usually get pulled into neutral; which is ideal.

      @ everyone
      Who did the walk? Don’t shy away from it. It’s just as valid as doing a crossfit metcon, deadlift 1rm or another session. As for your training it’s VERY important if you want to cope with what’s ahead..

  2. Part 1:
    A: DLs @ 145kgs
    Times: 1:57-2:07-2:16

    B: PP @ 60kgs (probably a bit light)
    Times: 3mins plus due to trouble with DUs

  3. Part 1.
    A. DL:2:09,2:8,2:11@45kg
    B.PP:1:16,1:09,1:08@25kg (single skips)

    Part 2. Done, walked around the lake ( not hilly, but I had to carry my daughter (22kg) for more than half of it on my shoulders) so it was quite a hike!)

    Great day today!

  4. Part 1 @ 9am
    A DL:120kg -> 2:05/1:55/2:00
    B PP: 50kg -> 2:31/2:42/2:52
    C TTB: sets of 10/10/5/5/3/2 (in 3mins)

    Part 2 @ 4.30pm
    60 min walk fire trails around back of Aranda w 30kg weighted vest

  5. Great to see a big crew @ training on Saturday. 18 in fact.

    However. Only 4 people have posted. PLEASE post your training notes to comments. You will get more out of it when you do. I program based on how folks are going day to day, week to week and on what you actually managed to do.

    I see your training as an experience. Post and experience everything an integrated program will do for you long term.


  6. Part 1
    A: subbed deadlift for CG Bench – 2:07, 2:25, 2:20ish (had technical malfunction on rower for sets 2 & 3)

    B: subbed skipping for airdyne: 1:30ish x3 – on all 3 sets I was so wrecked, checking my time became an impossible feat.


  7. Thanks Coach Nick and Joelle ‘Demo girl’ for the awesome pull up workshop.Breaking dwn the movement makes it a lot easier. All i have to do now it practice, be patient, and hopefully intergrate all the movements!

    Part 1.
    Push press, @25kg
    Double unders (125 single skips first set- 90 Du’s- 80 Du’s)
    Around the 2minute mark for each set

    DL’s @ 50kg( good to work at a lighter load to focus on technique, felt good)
    Row 400m @ 90%- maintained 38-40 s/m
    S1: 2:20min Row- 1:34/ S2:2:13, 148 / S3:2:10, 149
    3min toes to bar practice

    Note:Mentally- Wasn’t feeling it.

    Part 2. 5:13-6:45pm
    Tunes, Nike+ iPod, frees and off I went
    90min hike up Mt Jerrabomberra.- more of a hill then a mountain!
    Distance: 10.23km
    Pace: 8′ 48” min/km
    *Wanna feel on top of the world ? :D Walk a hill..literally made me feel great and also good view from the top!

  8. Kipping workshop was great. Thanks Surls and Joelle.

    Part 1. Only able to do 1 part of workout before family duties called.
    Push press @35kg – Feeling much better in my shoulder. Can probably start to build a bit now.
    DUs – 100/set. Times would have blown out well over 2 mins if I kept going to 125. Times were 2:05 to 2:10 as it was. Getting some good runs of 30 to 40 at a time. Limiting factor overall is deltoid fatigue. Should I be feeling it there, or is that tesion were I should be relaxing?

    Appologies for the late post.

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