Friday 8th April – 2011

CF Open WOD #3

AMRAP 5min:
1 Squat clean, 75/50kg
1 Jerk, 75/50kg


Post your total reps to comments


What to do about sitting all day

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At B32, our mission is to: Empower others to take control of their journey & discover a more fulfilling life through health & fitness.

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  1. CrossFit 2600 are hosting the CF Open WOD 3 this Saturday. 10am.

  2. scaled 25kg, clean and press – no squat – yet
    39 reps in 5 mins
    thanks for taking the WOD this morning Nick
    good luck tomorrow B32 competitors , we’ll be there to support.

  3. Power clean/jerk -scalled 30kg -36 rounds

  4. Squat clean/jerk @ 30 kg
    22 rounds

  5. Squat clean and jerk @ 22.5kg – 21 rounds

  6. squat clean 60kgs – 21

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