Wednesday 6th April – 2011

@ B32CF today:

Complete the following for time:
DB Power snatch- 15/arm, 20/10kg
Run 400m
60 Squats
20 Pull ups
60 Squats
Run 400m
DB power snatch- 15/arm,20/10kg


CF Open crew:

Part 1 @ 6am
A. Split jerk – 2,2,2; rest 3min
B. Hang power clean – 2,2,2; rest 3min
C. Snatch Balance – Heavy confident single
5 Sets:
Double unders – 25sec
Rest 30sec


Part 2 @ 12:30 & 6pm
Row – 10min @ easy aerobic
TGU – 15/arm; controlled
Dolly crawl – 15m; rest 30sec x6
Row – 10min @ easy aerobic


Post your training notes to comments


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  1. Time: 12.54
    10kg Power Snatch
    Band assisted Pullups

  2. Everyone else:
    DB power snatches @ 15kg
    Time: 13.44

  3. A1: 40kg; 45kg; 47.5kg; 50kg; 52.5kg/2
    A2: 10kg; 10kg; 10kg; 13kg/2; 13kg/2
    B1: 15kg/arm
    B2: 25kg/arm
    C1: 220sec accumulated (longest hold 105sec)
    C2: 220sec accum

  4. CF Open Crew Part1.

    A. 80, 85, 90 (failed on second rep)
    B. 80, 85, 90
    C. 55kg, need to work on combining my squat and the press into one solid movement.
    D. 32, 34, 35, 35, 37.

  5. CFO-Part 1 @ 6am
    Split Jerk: @ 47.5kg held across sets (80% ish)- needs work
    HPCln: 47.5-50-55 (no dramas)
    SnBal: pulled pin at 35kg (CNS struggle, shoulders nervey and jacked)
    Sub’d 25sec row @ 90% for the double unders (ankle), felt good, strong.

    PWO: 60g lamb mince

    Looking forward to cruisy recovery work tonight.
    Happy Hump Day.

  6. CF Open Crew Part1.

    A. 80, 85, 90
    B. 70, 80, 90 (failed on second rep)
    C. 55kg, Long hard road with this one
    D. All in the 20s

  7. Time: 11.34
    Power snatch 10kg DB

  8. Everyone else

    Body row pull ups, otherwise as Rx’d – 15.22

  9. Time -9:32
    Pullups strict underhand 13 & 7
    The rest unbroken as prescribed.

  10. CF Open part 2:
    10 min row

    tgu using 24kg DB

    6 x Prone hold with feet Swiss ball

    10 min row

  11. CF Open Crew Part 2.

    10 min Easy Row – 2056m
    TGU 15/arm @ 24kg
    Dolly Run x 6
    10 min Easy Row – 2268m

    felt good, managed to maintain using the 24kg kettlebell on the get ups which was good.

  12. Time : 12.38
    DB power snatch 10kg
    I need lots of work on pullups
    rest unbroken.

  13. Time 12:50

    Nearly at the end of our first week (full-time) crossfit – baby steps

  14. 6pm
    A Split Jerk- 35kgx2 37.5×1 – racked it early anterior delt into bicep bit niggly
    Static Back Ext accumulated 2mins- 1min, 30sec, 30sec
    3×15 GHD Situps
    10min Row- 1978m

  15. Back for a flying visit. Thanks all for the warm welcome.
    20 parallette pushups
    Run 400m
    60 Squats
    20 Pull ups
    60 Squats
    Run 400m
    40 pushups

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