Tuesday April 5th – 2011

CF Open crew

4 Sets with Intent:
Push press – 4 tough reps
8 C2B pull ups
12 KB swings, 2/1.5pd
Walk rest 5mins
3 Sets:
Row – 30sec @ 100%
15 Burpees, afap
Seated rest 5min


Everyone else

A1. Push press – 3-4reps; rest 2min x5
A2. KB swing – 12-15reps; rest 2min x5
B1. Hollow rock – 20reps; rest 60sec x3
B2. DB Split lunge- 8-10/leg; rest 60sec x3


Post to comments:
CF Open group – Loads, set times and meters
Everyone else – Loads, reps and training notes


Mobility basics workshop – Tonight 7pm


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  1. A1 25kg, 30 kg,32.5kg, 35kg , 35kg
    A2 16kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 24kg
    B1 modifed hollow rocks
    B2 DB slit lunges with 10kg total weight

    PBs achieved today – happy !

  2. GOOD MORNING!!!!!
    Well Done to everyone who was there this morning!

    CF Open Crew.

    60kg PP/2Pood KB/ 52sec
    65kg PP/2Pood KB/ 56sec
    70kg PP/2Pood KB/ 55sec
    75kg PP/2Pood KB/ 57sec (4RM push press@ 75kgs :) )

    1:12 (387 Avg Watt) Dampener @ 4
    1:14 (370 Avg Watt) Dampener @ 5
    1:15 (440 Avg Watt) Dampener @ 6

  3. CFO Training
    Set 1: 40kg/1:15
    Set 2: 42.5/1:20
    Set 3: 45/1:21
    Set 4: 47.5/1:18
    Set 1: 1:17/295 av watts
    Set 2: 1:19/284 av watts
    Set 3: 1:16/321 av watts
    PWO: raw egg, 300ml coco water, cacao
    A:Had to break my C2B pull ups into sets of 4/2/2 mostly, done with 16kg KB because I am a moron. This was still forearm death, shldrs are jacked.
    B: Dampener at 4, recorded avg watts instead of metres because I am a moron. Sorry RB, if you want me to calculate mtrs I probably could come up with some geek formula.
    Tuesday’s mission: recover brain function. Stat.

  4. CFO Training
    Set 1: 70kg, Done, Done
    Set 2: 75kg, Done, Done
    Set 3: 80kg, Done, Done
    Set 4: 85kg, Done, Done
    Set 1: 1:21 av 500m split
    Set 2: 1:23 av 500m split
    Set 3: 1:21 av 500m split

  5. A1:35:37,5:37,5:40:40(PB)
    A2:16,20,20,20,24 (PB but only 10 good reps out)
    B1: modifed hollow rocks
    B2: 50 walking lunges

  6. A
    A1: 40kg : 45kg : 50kg : 55kg
    A2: 16kg : 20kg : 24kg : 32kg (half-lift only)
    B1: modified hollow rocks – one knee bent, arms in front
    B2: not so pretty 20kg attempts

    PB for KB swings (never gone above 16kg before)

  7. A1. Push press – 37.5kg/40/42.5/45×3/45×4
    A2. KB swing – 16kg/20/24×10/24×10/24×13
    B1. Hollow rock 1 min (30secs each knee up, hands by side)
    B2. 50 walking lunges

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