Sunday 3rd April – 2011

CF Open crew @ 10am

A1. Back squat – 3reps; rest 3min x3
A2. Chin ups – amrap @ 15kg; rest 3min x3
5 Sets:
15 Unbroken Wall ball shots; rest 10sec
12 Unbroken pull ups; rest 10sec
10 Back ext; rest 2:45
75 Anchored sit ups

Rest 4+ hrs

A.Run – 1km @ 90%; rest 1:1 x2
B. 35 Burpees; rest 45sec x2
C. Ice bath – 4min
Post your loads, reps and training notes to comments
Rest day for this group tomorrow

BK – CF Open WOD #2

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  1. what can i sub back extensions for?

    the rest i should be fine.

    • Sub in a Russian KBS, heavy, and push out to 20 reps.

      If you don’t have heavier than a 24kg kb, push out to 30 reps.

      Another option is to do good mornings @ 40kg, 10 reps.


      • thanks J!

        i was assuming it would be good mornings, but i have a 2 pood KB so i will use it.

        i have to sub for thrusters instead of wall ball too. i just broke my wall ball, ripped to shreds.

        cheers….here i go..

  2. Part 1:
    A1: BS: 57.5-62.5-65/2 reps
    A2: Chin up: 6-6-5 (strict, @ bwt)

    5 sets: as written… New wall balls are a killer!

    Sit ups u/b

    PWO: coco water, cacao, raw egg, coco meat

    • Part 2. (After 2hrs+ in the car and much coaxing…)
      A. Sub’d 4 min row
      B. Sub’d 35 incl push ups (broken to 5 sets of 7 quick reps) x 2 sets
      ‘C’ for crash. Ice bath for ankle, shower and awesome home cooked meal.

      Monday rest-day relief set in about 6pm.

  3. A1: 100, 110, 115, 115, 115
    A2: 60, 70, 75, 75, 80(2)
    B1: 32kg
    B2: 20 x 3
    C1: as posted
    C2: 15kg plate

  4. My body is burnt out.
    i did not have the strength to even attempt set 3 on back squat and chin up.
    i failed a few attempts on BS @ 125 and 130kgs, and my lats are fried, managed to get 2 sets of 5 reps on the chins at 10kgs.
    i didn’t have the energy or motivation to even start the 5 sets, i just crashed and burned. went for a 2km run and left it at that.

    Hopefully my body will chillax and heal overnight.

    Awesome effort to everyone yesterday! was awesome, have some good footage i will pass onto Nicko.

    See you all during the week.

  5. A1: 100, 110, 110kgs
    A2: 5 pull ups, 8, 6 chin ups (all with 15kg weight vest

    5 rounds (thanks to my 4ft hall monitor): done

    75 sits: done(55, 20)

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