Tuesday 22nd March – 2010

CF Open crew:

Lactate tolerance with a little strength endurance

A. Run 600m @ 95%; seated rest 6min x3
B. 4min amrap – thruster, 45/32.5kg
Rest 10min – not active
3 RFT with 100% focus, hunger and intent:
20 KB swing, 1.5/1pd
20 Burpees


Everyone else:

Strength endurance with a little lactate tolerence.. if you go hard enough!


For time:
15 Thrusters, 40/30kg
20 Burpees
25 KB swings, 1.5/1pd
Run 800m
25 KB swings, 1.5/1pd
20 Burpees
15 Thrusters, 40/30kg


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CF open crew – times, reps and time
Everyone else – time, scaling and notes


A word about your shoulder health

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  1. Coaching notes:

    Don’t overstride during your runs; fast turn over.. Pull your heal off the deck quickly.

    Focus on your position as you front squat, drive through your heals and keep the torque on you legs intact ( knees out). Work your numbers until 90sec to go then unleash hell

    Couplet- you know what to do.. Maybe even vomit..

  2. Everyone Else:
    thrusters @ 25kg
    KB swing @ 1pd
    subbed run for row 800m (dont want to aggrevate ankle)
    time: 13:54

  3. A. Times: 2:08 – 2:12 – 2:05
    B. 37 Reps
    3 RFT
    20 KB swing, 1.5
    20 Burpees
    Time: 6:59

  4. CF Open Crew:

    A. sub’d 600m row: 2:26, 2:24, 2:25
    B. 28 reps
    C. 6:21 (unbroken)

    PWO: raw egg, 200ml coco water, cacao
    +90min: 2 eggs, coconut flesh+ cinnamon

    – row feeling pretty strong at the moment (so it should!)
    – thrusters felt heavy today
    – need to improve my burpee speed and endurance


  5. A. 1:57, 2:05, 2:03

    B. AMRAP 4 mins @ 45kgs Thrusters, between 40 – 50

    rested 5mins as i needed to leave for work

    C. As rx’d, 8:31, imploded, so drained from part A and B. Not pleased with my performance but i gave all i had left.

  6. CF Open Crew
    A. 2:06, 2:15, 2:06 > Accumulation of lactic acid = horrific
    B. Thrusters @ 27.5kg – 21 reps
    C. 6:48 (first 2 rounds unbroken, clustered KBs 7-13, last round)
    Went as hard as i could on the Kb swings and burpees, man was it a grueling challenge to say the least. Did my best, suprised myself :D

  7. Everyone Else Session:

    Bodyweight: 66.5kg
    Time: 12:51

    1. motivation, inspiration & encouragement from CF Open Crew
    2. technique development – appreciating use of driving with legs & hips

    1.gave away at least 1.5 – 2 mins through failing to push through the mental barrier of fatigue; must push harder.

    15 Thrusters, 35kg
    20 Burpees
    25 KB swings, 20kg
    Run 800m
    25 KB swings, 20kg
    20 Burpees
    15 Thrusters, 35kg

  8. Everyone else (as rx’d): 13:05

  9. Everyone else:
    Thrusters @32kg & KB swings @ 20kg(this is all the weights I had at home)
    Time 12:15

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