Wednesday 24th November 2010

Aerobic endurance:

Run – 25min @ 60-70% effort
+ 3 x 40m fast downhill runs


Post training notes and last nights dinner to comments


B32 end of year get together Saturday 18th December.  This will be at the box from 8am and incorporate some test workouts, BBQ, coffee and B32 athlete/client of the year awards. More info to come..


Friday – Double
Saturday – Single

The Carb Myth Part 1

About B32 Athletics

At B32, our mission is to: Empower others to take control of their journey & discover a more fulfilling life through health & fitness.

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  1. Did one lap – seems to have loosened up the calf a whole lot surprisingly.

    Stretched it out at work this morning and it seems like all the buildup of fuzz as rosko would put it has been mobilised.

    Cya all Friday

  2. BTW – I will try to get a leave pass to spend the morning with you guys on the 18th – but can’t guarantee it, wedding anniversary and all :)

  3. this is why CrossFit is BadAss. Next Gen Firebreathers!

  4. I’ll be doing this one over the wkd. Perhaps I’ll vet the ball rolling on the nutrition snapshot..

    BBQ veal, 170g
    beetroot, eggplant, sweet potato, silverbeet, roasted pumpkin seeds, olive oil, murry river salt flakes.

    4g fish oil, 3 JP veg caps, vit b6, iron phosphate, vit d3

  5. Tue night 8:30pm (Mon WOD)
    A: C&J 62.5kg x 2 x 6 (worked on the Murray cross)
    B: MHSP 50kg x 4 x 4
    C: OHS 3reps 60/62.5/65/67.5/70 (am getting over my OHS yips)
    D: GHD + Back Ext 25reps each x 3 sets (3min rest between sets)

    Pre: Nil
    Post: WPI
    Dinner: (which one???)
    6pm – Sweet Pot + Brocolli + Spinach + Tuna/bean/corn/salsa combo (stole someone’s can)
    10pm – Veal Steak (100g) + 1/2 Avo + Tomato + 1/4 cucumber + 1/4 capsicum + 1/2 carrot

    Wed Lunch (Wed WOD)
    40min Touch footy (inc a couple of 80m sprints @100% – still got it : ) )

    Will do Tue WOD tomorrow morning/evening

    Dec 18th – Locked In!!! Hopefully Rosko Claus has a 200+ D’lift in his sack for me : )

    Am in town this weekend so will c u Sat…

  6. 25 min run done. Didn’t have time for the sprints.
    Dinner last night:
    Pork spare ribs (one) with chorizo and paprika, tomatoes, onion, capsicum and some quinoa.

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