Centre for integrative health coaching, balanced fitness & athletic performance.

 Take control of your journey & discover a more fulfilling life through health & fitness.

We recognise that everyone’s needs are unique when it comes to health and performance – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to training, nutrition and lifestyle.

We program, tailor & prescribe our training sessions and nutritional recommendations with careful consideration of each person’s needs as much as we possibly can. That’s one reason our programming is different- it’s tailored to focus on what you need to do to develop and move forward to achieve your goals.

For those looking for deeper, individual direction, we give you your detailed picture, and the customised knowledge and tools specific to your development, whatever your goals.

We have a strong support network of people just like you. We work with a deep network of health & fitness professionals, including functional medicine practitioners, chiropractic medicine and acupuncturists and international coaches,every one of them striving for the same things- better health, better performance, better life.

Training with B32 is different. It’s an integrated, intelligent and holistic approach to functional fitness that in many cases is life changing.

We offer:

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